seeking help


I would like to translate these pages in every language,
because I think that they will be useful for everyone who begins to write music.

I would like to offer a textbook that is practical, comprehensive and that concerns all important aspects of the art of composition, with audio and written exemples, following Adrian Leverk├╝hn didactic path.

Besides, everyone can follow my parallel path, maybe wavering but explicit.
It will show my idea of musical beauty.

Naturally, I am not sure that I will achieve this level of abstraction.
It depends on many factors, like talent, immagination, perseverance, concentration,
and all circonstances that I have already mentioned.

Anyway, the practical vocation of this website
suggests me to translate it in the main languages of the world,
using coherently the medium's possibility, as music teaches us.

I am looking for volunteers who wants to help me to offer this service,
members of the ancient Orient Company or other theosophic societies,
free-minded thinkers, students, artists, everyone.
I am looking for your collaboration in order to publish these pages
in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese,
and in the language of everyone who wants to help me.

Finally, I wish to translate this website in Greek,
because i think that in these uncertain times we should respect this great nation,
whose people has teached us how to think, feel, and be together.