This web site is completely free and open.
Free from ads, pop-ups, cookies, log-in requests
and anything else that turns the web into an unpleasant and sometimes unsafe place.
I see that the web is rapidly shifting from its original purpose – linking people together –
into a more primitive form:
a huge world fair where everyone is trying to sell everything to everybody,
gather data, pilfer personal tastes, opinions, trends, desires, and dreams.

I do not want to sell anything and I do not want to convince anyone of anything.
The entire content of these pages is free and available to everyone;
I will not accept ads and will not ask for a fee or a log-in which grants access to hidden or restricted content.

I only put a PayPal button at the end of this page to allow for a free and willing donation, inaugurating a new form of popular and widespread sponsorship.

If this attempt of mine should ever manage to raise some financial resources,
they will be used above all to translate those pages, update them in all languages,
and insure their presence on the web for at least 100 years, free, unchanged and accessible to all.

This is the final cadenza of my project.

My dream would be to work full time on these writings, to continue and hopefully finish the work,
because I do not have a lot of time left.

That said, in reality no end is in sight: these pages would like to be the honest description of the evolution of an artistic thought; therefore, an ending seems rather incoherent and implausible.

As a dear friend of Grandfather Adrian used to say: "Better to be able to work, than having to slave".

This, too, will be an interesting experiment: will the big network connecting the whole world be ready for a new form of popular sponsorship, stealing art away from control by the King?

I certainly know that the well-lit avenues in the web are those for the shopping,
that the cultural debate is a faraway and intermittent hum, that no one has time to listen to.

It is so much more important to sell, persuade, affirm oneself, defame, appear and show off,
that it will be very difficult for this solitary song to reach its recipients,
my kindred spirits, dreamers, cloud-catchers.

But I hereby declare that I shall continue anyway.
Perhaps it will take longer for the pages to be updated,
since I can use only the spare time that I will manage to steal from the job from which I earn my livelihood.

But this project will continue, free, open and accessible to everyone.
And this is only the beginning.